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Twelve-step programs for addiction are mutual aid organizations for the purpose of recovery from substance addictions, behavioral addictions, and compulsions. It was developed in the 1930s, the first twelve-step program was Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. It gave people a place to overcome alcoholism. Since that time dozens of other organizations have been derived from AA’s approach to handling problems like gambling or drugs.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the largest of all of the twelve-step programs, followed by Narcotics Anonymous, the majority of twelve-step members are recovering from addiction to alcohol or other drugs. The majority of twelve-step programs, however, address illnesses other than substance addiction.

Looking for additional 12 step recovery videos or resources? View our complete collection of digital products and streaming products that are dedicated to assisting people in learning and understanding the 12 step program for addiction. If you need additional help or have questions unique to your treatment program, please give FMS Productions a call today at (800) 421-4609.

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  1. Facing Fears in Recovery
    Facing Fears in Recovery
    Great for people new to recovery. Released 2017. Learn More
  2. Trilogy of Recovery Series
    Trilogy of Recovery Series
    The three films - two comedies and a Twilight Zone-like thriller - portray behaviors common among people with chemical dependency and other addictive disorders. All employ studio-quality film making and feature nationally known actors viewers will recognize. Learn More
  3. Twelve Steps with Delbert Boone
    Twelve Steps with Delbert Boone
    Delbert Boone explores the road to recovery through the use of the Twelve Steps. He addresses how most alcoholics and addicts want to make sobriety an event, when in fact it is a process, and he explains how each of the Twelve Steps is an important part of the process. Learn More
  4. Living Sober Series Volumes I,II, and III
    Living Sober Series Volumes I,II, and III
    Special Pricing on the complete 3 volume solution-based program authored by Dr. Dennis Daley. Learn More
  5. Step By Step Series
    Step By Step Series
    This 4 part series, hosted by nationally know author, Earnie Larsen. Learn More
  6. High Level Recovery Series
    High Level Recovery Series
    A 3 part series dealing with the Five Myths that Sabotage Recovery, Dealing with Denial, and Kissing Guilt and Shame Goodbye. Learn More
  7. Spirituality
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $299.00
    This thought provoking DVD defines spirituality as a force greater than the individual and a very powerful tool capable of impacting and restoring ones life. Learn More
  8. Healing the Addicted Brain Series
    Healing the Addicted Brain Series
    Special Price $599.00 Regular Price $799.00
    Hosted by Dr. David Deitch A dramatic new way to teach and learn the realities of addiction and recovery is now available. Recent science reveals vivid brain scan images: extensive, visible changes in the brain during prolonged substance abuse. Learn More
  9. The Rules of Recovery
    The Rules of Recovery
    Special Price $199.00 Regular Price $249.00
    Delbert Boone emphasizes the importance of getting dry so that one can begin to realize what addiction has taken from their life. Learn More
  10. Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much
    Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much
    Special Price $99.00 Regular Price $249.00
    Narrated by Julie Harris and winner of 24 major awards, this delightful tale deals with addiction in a positive, non-threatening way. Learn More
  11. Spirituality with Rev. Steve Little
    Spirituality with Rev. Steve Little
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $199.00
    Reverend Steve Little explains the 12 Steps in a way that even the most hardened and cynical agnostic can accept Learn More
  12. How To Do A 4th Step In AA or AL-ANON
    How To Do A 4th Step In AA or AL-ANON
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $299.00
    This DVD is a demonstration of how to do a 4th step inventory in AA, Al-Anon, or any 12 step program. Learn More
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12 Items

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