Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is a former convicted felon, who is now a noted Hollywood character actor, having been featured most recently in Anchorman, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and The Devil's Rejects. He has also appeared on such popular television shows as Desperate Housewives, King of the Hill, and Alias. From the time he was 14-years old, Danny Trejo was a self-proclaimed professional criminal. It took ten years of life behind bars in half a dozen prisons before he finally discovered the key to change. In 1969, Danny had just been released from two months in the hole in Soledad prison, when he became involved in a 12-step program and committed to take personal responsibility for his future.

Below are the films which Danny Trejo has hosted exclusively for FMS Productions:


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  1. I Love Being Clean

    I Love Being Clean

    This fast-paced re-entry program filmed before soon to be released offenders, challenges the ineffective ways of thinking and approaching the world that most, if not all, offenders grapple with. Using anecdotes from his time in the criminal justice system, and from the neighborhood he grew up in, Danny gets to the heart of his audience, and offers solutions for change from within. Learn More

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  2. Better Way Series

    Better Way Series

    A Better Way is a video presentation hosted by the powerful Danny Trejo designed for first-time offenders, participants in institutional substance abuse programs, and anyone who wishes to live free Learn More

  3. Rage, Recidivism & Recovery

    Rage, Recidivism & Recovery

    A two part series featuring Danny Trejo.Three formerly violent, habitual offenders--one African-American, one Hispanic-American and one Anglo-- show us it is possible to "get out and stay out." Learn More

  4. They Call Me Mr. Trejo!

    They Call Me Mr. Trejo!

    Presented by Danny Trejo, a former convicted felon who is now a noted Hollywood character actor. Learn More

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