About FMS Productions

We opened our business over 40 years ago with the purpose of producing films addressing health and social issues, with an emphasis on alcohol education and awareness. We have significantly expanded our repertoire of programs over the last three decades, and now we not only offer tools for the education and treatment of substance abuse, but we also offer titles in the areas of anger, violence, criminal behavior, codependency, gambling, relationships, and re-entry from incarceration or treatment. We are a leader in the industry of educational and treatment films, and we pride ourselves on our premiere collection of videos, DVDs, and curricula that are truly among the highest quality in the field today, coupled with a commitment to outstanding and friendly customer service.

FMS has received more than sixty major awards for excellence in educational film production. Our distribution component encompasses and serves all levels of government, business and industry, schools and universities, libraries, law enforcement, major hospitals and treatment centers, correctional facilities, DUI programs, and therapeutic communities.

Our titles feature a veritable "Who's Who" of presenters from the corrections and chemical dependency fields. We house a library of over 300 well-researched, medically accurate films, which showcases such names as Dr. Stanton Samenow, Dr. John Keppler, Damon Berryman, Jim Shelton, Dr. Max Schneider, Father Martin, Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, James Beard, Roberta Meyer, Danny Trejo, Earnie Larsen, Ed Roberts, Dr. David Deitch, Michael Johnson, Delbert Boone, Dr. Claudia Black, Dr. David Ohlms, Brother Earl, and Dennis Daley.

FMS sales representatives function as consultants to our customers, expertly matching client program needs with educational and treatment product that will most successfully support their program now and in years to come. As a small, personal company, we can serve you more efficiently and add a personal touch to our service; you will never reach an automated answering system during normal business hours, and more than 90% of our orders are shipped the same day. Our departments work together to make your experience with us seamless and smooth every time. Our goal is to provide the best quality tools available in the market today to assist you as counselors, teachers, doctors, and criminal justice professionals, in educating and treating your clients. Let us know how we can help you do what you do! And THANK YOU for continuing to support what we do.