Living Sober Series Volumes I,II, and III

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Living Sober Series Volumes I,II, and III
Living Sober Series Volumes I,II, and III

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  • Presenter:Dr Dennis Daley
  • Product No: 2680Z
  • Running Time: 285 minutes



    The Living Sober Series is a unique tool for treatment professionals to support their programs with guidance on specific coping skills needed by their clients during recovery. Designed for Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health programs, each edition is divided into clear segments with each segment focusing on one specific important recovery issue. The material is easily integrated into existing programs. Widely acclaimed author, Dennis Daley, provides clinical insight to each subject.

    The solution-based program has been created to maximize viewers' involvement to create their own strategies for coping and working a successful recovery; helping them make connections between what they think, how they feel and how they act.

    Resisting Social Pressure to Use Chemicals (A)
    Coping with Cravings and Thoughts of Using (B)
    Managing Anger in Recovery (C)
    Managing Feelings of Boredom and Emptiness (D)
    Coping with Family and Interpersonal Conflict (E)
    Building a Recovery Network & Sponsorship (F)
    Coping with Relapse Warning Signs (G)
    Recovering from Crack/Cocaine Addiction (H)
    Motivation and Recovery (I)
    Relationships: Amends, Assertiveness, Honesty (J)
    Relationships: Passion, Rejection, Criticism (K)
    Relationships: HIV and Sexuality Issues (L)
    Other Addictions, Gambling (M)
    Balanced Living (N)
    Compliance with Aftercare / Outpatient (O)
    Low Motivation to Change and Seek Treatment (P)
    Relationship to Therapist and Group (Q)
    Compliance with Medications / Self Help (R)
    Compliance with Lifestyle Changes (S)


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