Silent Voices: Children of Incarcerated Parents

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  • Presenter:Rosetta P. Oliver
  • Product No: 4640DVD
  • Running Time: 40 minutes

Rosetta Oliver gives children with incarcerated parents a voice and provides solutions for both parents and children who struggle with incarceration and community re-entry.


Silent Voices: Children with Incarcerated Parents was filmed in a courtroom and at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison. In this video Rosetta Oliver talks with a group of parents and children about the impact of incarceration. She discusses the various stages of the incarceration experience. Children share their thoughts and feelings about what it was like to witness the arrest of a parent. Both parents and children share their experience of prison visits, the feelings they cause, and life without the incarcerated person at home. Inmates discuss the difficulties of parenting from behind prison walls. Oliver provides solutions for parents and children who struggle with incarceration and community re-entry. 

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