Commitment to Change Part 7: Facing Consequences

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  • Presenter:Dr Stanton Samenow
  • Product No: 0850ADV
  • Running Time: 33 minutes
Part 7: Facing Consequences is part of Volume III The Power of Consequences, a 3-part series, and is the last of 3 volumes in the entire Commitment to Change Series.

Part 7: Facing Consequences

It takes courage to face the pain our actions have caused. In a powerful role play, an offender and recovering addict looks squarely at the consequences of his actions: to victims, to his wife, his children, his community, and others.

He looks at the awful loss in his own life.

He discovers that his pain can give him a reason to change - compelling motivation to stick with the difficult day-by-day work of changing life-long patterns.

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