Commitment to Change Volume III The Power of Consequences

Presenter: Dr Stanton Samenow

Product No.: 0850DVD
Running Time: 115 minutes

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    The Commitment to Change Series continues with the newest addition, Volume III. In the tradition of the first two volumes, The Power of Consequences deals squarely with cognitive and behavioral change for incarcerated individuals and/or those in recovery. This volume teaches viewers how to use the "power of consequences" as compelling motivation to stick with the difficult, day-by-day work of changing lifelong patterns. The group looks at the consequences of their past actions and comes to realize that before they acted their was a moment of decision. In the end, viewers learn to draw upon mental images of impending consequences when faced with temptation, instead of shutting them out. Such skills are profound, and life-changing, especially for those incarcerated and/or with chemical dependencies.

    Volume III is comprised of these three parts: 
    Part 7: Facing Consequences
    Part 8: Moment of Decision
    Part 9 : Remembering Consequences

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