Commitment to Change Part 8: Moment of Decision

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  • Presenter:Dr Stanton Samenow
  • Product No: 0850BDV
  • Running Time: 37 minutes
Part 8: Moment of Decision is part of Volume III The Power of Consequences, a 3-part series, and is the last of 3 volumes in the entire Commitment to Change Series.

Part 8: Moment of Decision

People who stay clean and sober consider consequences before acting; repeat offenders find a way to shut them out. The group at first resists the truth: "I didn't think; I just acted." Yet, with a closer look, each person discovers that before destructive acts, there was a moment of decision - time to make a choice. Each person found their own way to shut out thoughts of consequences: "I won't get caught," "I'll deal with it later," or, "I'll just have one." Many discover that the same "go-ahead" thought has been a lifelong pattern. That awareness opens a new opportunity for change.

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