Marijuana At Your Own Risk

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Instead of telling kids “just say no”, this program takes the approach of showing them the problems, the path to those problems, and asking them to decide.

This film shows how becoming a chronic user is a gradual process that typically takes over one’s life in steps. It’s hard to SEE the problems marijuana is causing–as they are happening.

     *First, it may involve just social use with friends
     *Gradually, the person begins using to “escape” or deal with problems/stress
     *Along the way, the marijuana user begins spending more and more time with other users
     *A physical tolerance develops
     *The person drops activities that don’t involve getting high
     *Eventually doesn’t do anything except smoke.
     *"Smoke” becomes the answer to all problems.

3 important scientific facts also come out:
     *Today’s pot is many times stronger than in the 60s.
     *There is now clear evidence that marijuana can be addictive.
     *Pot affects everyone differently.


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