Marijuana At Your Own Risk


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Running Time: 20 minutes

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Regular Price: $249.00

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    This film shows how becoming a chronic user is a gradual process that typically takes over one’s life in steps. It’s hard to SEE the problems marijuana is causing–as they are happening.

         *First, it may involve just social use with friends
         *Gradually, the person begins using to “escape” or deal with problems/stress
         *Along the way, the marijuana user begins spending more and more time with other users
         *A physical tolerance develops
         *The person drops activities that don’t involve getting high
         *Eventually doesn’t do anything except smoke.
         *"Smoke” becomes the answer to all problems.

    3 important scientific facts also come out:
         *Today’s pot is many times stronger than in the 60s.
         *There is now clear evidence that marijuana can be addictive.
         *Pot affects everyone differently.


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