Marijuana: The Hidden Hazards

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Instead of telling kids “just say no”, this program takes the approach of showing them the problems, the path to those problems, and asking them to decide.

Despite widespread denial about the hazards of marijuana, research is now conclusive: chronic marijuana use, especially at today’s potency, can cause addiction and impair the physical, psychological and social functioning of the user. This ground-breaking program presents recovering marijuana addicts and experts to help pierce denial about this addiction, and illustrates how the negative consequences are often hard to recognize.

Signs of marijuana dependence and side effects illustrated include: lack of motivation; poor job performance; avoidance of non-using family and friends; depression and anxiety; memory loss; respiratory problems; insomnia; panic attacks; paranoia.

Recovering people provide hope and inspiration as they describe how, with long-term abstinence from marijuana, the “fog” has cleared, motivation is back, memory is returning, and depression is lifting.

Includes Counselor’s Guide with discussion questions and reproducible client worksheets.


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