How You Got Here

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  • Presenter:Michael Johnson
  • Product No: 1980DVD
  • Running Time: 48 minutes

"Reflections of a Lost Childhood"  with Michael Johnson


Michael Johnson exposese what he calls the "lost piece" in recovery - our childhood, the roots of our personal defects, the deprived childhood, the underpinnings of pain, suffering and destruction. No one has ever approached this topic with the intensity that MIchael delivers in this program. Without a doubt, How You Got Here will help the viewer understand how they became addicted to drugs, and how they have developed problems with personal relationships and criminal behavior.

This DVD tackles the issues that must be addressed and overcome in order to begin and succeed in any re-entry or 12-Step program. In the end, Michael reveals the secrets of healing, forgiveness, and love.

After watching this DVD the viewer will:
1. Understand how they became addicted to drugs and criminal behavior.
2. Understand what family means to them.
3. Learn to accept their family
4. Understand that they are not by themselves
5. Learn the importance of forgiveness

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