Good Intentions, Bad Choices: Part I

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  • Presenter:Dr Stanton Samenow
  • Product No: 1500ADV
  • Running Time: 53 minutes
This series looks at the problems we have created for ourselves throughout our lives, and that we face immediately upon release.

Session 1 of the series offers a unique introduction to the thoughts that lead us into trouble called "errors in thinking": two different men are videotaped in the same situation, and their thoughts are recorded to reveal the crucial differences. The first error in thinking, "I'll take a shortcut to make up for lost time," is revealed.

Session 2 centers on relationships. A roleplay between a recently released man and his wife illustrates how unrealistic expectations cause conflicts in relationships: "I deserve some R&R because I just got out of prison," and, "It's all about me."

Session 3 explores the common lack of trust from family members, due to broken promises of the past. The thinking error, "I'm in recovery, so trust me," is discussed. How can we learn to live with a lack of trust from family members and still have positive, loving relationships with them?

Session 4 asks the question, If we respond to the pressures of the first year out of prison with unrealistic expectations, what is the likely result? Anger, fear, loneliness, and ultimately relapse. Relapse prevention techniques are explored.

Session 5 shows us how to use Murphy's Law ("whatever can go wrong, will go wrong") to benefit our relationships, by anticipating problems before they become problems.


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