Basics Series, Treatment

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Treatment Basics is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including in interventions, primary care settings, correctional settings, educational settings, community groups, and therapeutic settings focused on substance use disorder treatment.


Featuring interviews with both experts and people who have experienced treatment themselves, Treatment Basics gives clients and their loved ones a better understanding of what to expect throughout substance use disorder treatment.

Created to work with both adults and young adults, this engaging video includes the following chapters:

1. Do I Need Help?

2. What Kind of Help is Available?

3. What Will Withdrawal Be Like?

4. How Can I Be Successful in Treatment?

5. How Do I Take Care of Myself While My Loved One Is in Treatment?

6. How Can I Support My Loved One in Treatment?

This video can complement an existing curriculum, or each chapter can be used independently. The accompanying flash drive contains a facilitator guide - which includes background information, preparation instructions, discussion questions, and additional activities - and client fact sheets to create dynamic learning sessions in either one-on-one or group settings.

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