Basics Series, Family Recovery

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Use Family Recovery Basics to begin a family program or complement an existing one. It is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including health care, addiction treatment, mental health treatment, correctional facilities, community groups, and educational settings.


Regardless of the size or makeup of family, members typically interact as a unit, and every person plays a role in maintaining a healthy system. The introduction of addiction causes a ripple of change and touches each individual member differently. Where can a family struggling with the issues of addiction turn for guidance?

Family Recovery Basics addresses the many questions and concerns raised by families of addicted loved ones as they chart a path from the chaos of addiction to recovery. Featuring experts and family members on their own recovery journeys, this program provides insight on the problems that families with addiction may encounter, as well as healthy responses and strategies for hope and healing.

This engaging video includes the following chapters:

1. What Is Addiction?

2. What Is the Impact of Addiction on the Family?

3. How Do Families Respond to Addiction?

4. Is Personal Healing an Important Step for Family Members?

5. What Are the Keys to Healing the Entire Family?

6. What Does Family Recovery Look Like?

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