Codependency Series: What is Codependency?

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  • Presenter:Jim Shelton
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  • Running Time: 43 minutes
What Is Codependency? Part One of a Two-Part Series Core issues explored in the program include: Codependency is an increasingly overused, under-defined word. In this new series, host Jim Shelton, MAC speaks with audience members in a drug and alcohol recovery program about the true nature of codependency - what it is, and what it isn't.
Core issues explored in the program include: What does codependency mean? Am I with a codependent? How do we "catch" codependency? Is codependency a disease? What are the roots of codependency? What does codependency look like? What is the link to substance abuse? A complete, working definition of codependency is built, common codependent characteristics are discussed, mental and physical effects of codependency are considered, and the link between codependency and substance abuse is explored. A perfect introduction to Part Two of the series - Setting Personal Boundaries.
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