Surviving Recovery Part II: Coping with Triggers

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  • Presenter:Damon Berryman
  • Product No: 4630BDV
  • Running Time: 40 minutes
In this series, Damon Berryman brings together a dynamic group of men and women who have been in and out of jails, prisons and treatment centers, who are attempting to live a different way of life. Specific tactics for surviving recovery--for good--are explored in three video tapes, along with a workbook.

Why do many people use drugs and alcohol even when they know better?

Because with prolonged and extensive use, our brains become conditioned to use. That's why we sometimes say, "the brain of a user can be his worst enemy."

Many different triggers - people, places and things, can cause a user's brain to crave, or "drool" for drugs. But knowing that that's how the body/brain system works, can save a recovering person from being ambushed by craving when it happens out of the blue. And combining that knowledge with a few simple techniques for coping with triggers can save that person from a relapse.

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