Recovery Issues Series

Presenter: Earnie Larsen

Product No.: 4010DVD
Running Time: 34 minutes


Recovery Issues Series




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    Part 1 Relapse
    Earnie makes it abundantly clear that although "slips" or "relapses" are serious, they are not fatal. Relapse will not occur if we work a tight, effective program. Earnie shows how to do the 10th step and stay accountable for behaviors that could result in relapse.

    Part 2, Family
    Discusses breaking through the denial that comes from the guilt, shame and pain of broken family relations. In this program, Earnie offers the group a balance between keeping one's head in treatment and developing the skills to rebuild family relationships and make them healthy and lasting.

    Part 3, Doing a 4th & 5th Step
    Earnie calls the 4th and 5th steps the "freedom" steps. He shares the methods of doing the best possible 4th and 5th steps.

    Part 4, Seeking & Finding Your Higher Power
    Earnie emphasizes the importance of Steps 1, 2 and 3 and the ability to turn our lives over to a power greater than ourselves. Not having had the experience of trusting or counting on someone being there for us becomes the primary spiritual obstacle. Earnie invites the group to build on the treatment experience as a beginning place to trust a power greater than ourselves...The Higher Power.

    Part 5, Unresolved Anger
    Sparks fly when we look at the hurt and rage that has victimized us in the past. If unresolved anger is not dealt with during recovery, relapse often occurs. Working with this video program will ultimately bring release from the bondage that creates the want to abuse one's self in the first place.


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