Opioids Epidemic: How I Became a Heroin Addict


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Running Time: 22 minutes
Closed Captioned

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Regular Price: $199.00

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    With approximately 28,000 overdose deaths a year it's very clear that America has a serious opioid problem. Add to that the recent sudden death of megastar, Prince to a Fentanyl overdose and the dimensions of the problem only seems to get worse.

    This video looks at opioid epidemic through the eyes of 4 recovering, young addicts, Jesse, Peter, Cindy and Sam. By revealing their stories, viewers will learn how quickly and easily it is to transition from painkiller pills to shooting up heroin. The young users talk about how they stole money from their friends and family members to get enough money to feed their habit. Jessica admits that she sold her body. Two of them, Peter and Sam attempted suicide They also talk about hope - hope to not use again - hope to get through the pain of detox, and the hope of a better, sober life ahead. Video and print curriculum delivers a strong no-use message.


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