Healing the Addicted Brain Part III

Presenter: Dr David Deitch

Product No.: 1890CDV
Running Time: 38 minutes

Regular Price: $299.00

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Healing the Addicted Brain Part III

Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $224.00



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    A dramatic new way to teach and learn the realities of addiction and recovery is now available. Recent science reveals vivid brain scan images: extensive, visible changes in the brain during prolonged substance abuse. Striking pictures show that during recovery, over time, some changes can be reversed; others are permanent.Successful recovery means learning positive ways to live with a brain that is altered and vulnerable to relapse.

    The compelling, emotional stories of real people - some with extensive criminal records - reveal the many stages and challenges of addiction and recovery. At each stage, we discover corresponding changes in the brain and insight into addictive thinking and the decision to enter treatment; why a "lapse" can trigger a full-blown addiction in a previously addicted brain; the difficulty of overcoming deeply etched thinking and behaviors; the need to seek help and support and learning new ways to cope with feelings. Also, techniques for managing environmental cues and "feeling memories" which trigger craving.

    Restoring normal brain chemistry requires sustained effort over time - finding new ways of generating essential chemicals like dopamine, and forging a whole new way of life. Series price includes:

    Comprehensive Leader's Guide/ Workbook and Color Overhead Transparencies.

    Part I Addiction: Out of Control
    Part II Stages of Recovery
    Part III Relapse & Recovery

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