Goin' Home Part 3

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The Deception of Addiction - The overriding theme of this video is that what you know about addiction is a misconception and how addiction has had complete control of your life.

More then two million men and women are behind bars in the US and nearly 95% will be released into the community at some point. Approximately three out of every four released have a history of substance abuse and it is likely that two-thirds will be rearrested within three years of release.

With this in mind, Delbert Boone has drawn on over 25 years of experience in the addiction and criminal justice field to put together Goin' Home: The Series. This six-part series will guide offenders through the process of taking an honest look at their life, the choices they have made, where their choices have taken them, and how to empower themselves to understand what they must do to avoid returning to a life of addiction, crime, and incarceration.

Part 1 Taking a Look at You
Part 2 Empowering Yourself
Part 3 The Deception of Addiction
Part 4 The Rules of the Game
Part 5 Giving Up the Game
Part 6 The Art of Mainstreaming

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