Codependency Series: Setting Personal Boundaries

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  • Presenter:Jim Shelton
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  • Running Time: 52 minutes
Part Two of a Two-Part Series Codependency is an increasingly overused, under-defined word. In this new series, host Jim Shelton, MAC speaks with audience members in a drug and alcohol recovery program about the true nature of codependency - what it is, and what it isn't.

Core issues explored in the program include: What are personal boundaries? Why is setting boundaries part of the solution? Why is it difficult for codependents to set them? How do we set boundaries? How do they help us reclaim our power? Host Jim Shelton goes into depth on the subject of boundary setting - which, for a codependent, especially with a substance abuse background, is a large part of the solution. Through expertly facilitated role play, the audience learns how to set limits and to take back personal power in a healthy and effective way. A perfect follow-up to Part One of the series - What Is Codependency?

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