Chronic Relapse Part 3: Pebbles Around the Boulder


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Running Time: 36 minutes

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Chronic Relapse Part 3: Pebbles Around the Boulder

Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $224.00



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    Chapter 5: Pebbles Around the Boulder
    The group learns concrete tools to use as "pebbles" to place around the "boulder" of relapse, to prevent it from rolling downhill. "Pebbles," such as sponsorship, groups, and a deep relationship with a higher power, are discussed. These "pebbles," the group learns, can be tools used for interception of the "junkie mind." Larsen says that relapse prevention is ultimately about honest sharing with others, self recognition, and getting 'real.'

    Chapter 6: More Pebbles
    Additional examples of "pebbles" are given: personal symbols, music, positive visual images (whether real or imagined), journal writing, counting blessings/gratitude, service, true brotherhood, writing your own prayer, and caring for oneself physically. The group shares the "pebbles" that they use as tools for relapse prevention, and it is realized that a multitude of these tools exist, and can be used in any amount or combination, to serve the individual on their journey towards continuous sobriety.


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