Chronic Relapse Part 2: Breaking the Relapse Cycle

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In this dynamic and compelling three-part program, Earnie Larsen, a nationally known author and lecturer, and a pioneer in the field of recovery, brings together a group of ex-offenders and recovery addicts. The program revolves around the concept that "chemicals medicate pain."

Chapter 3: Separation: Breaking the Relapse Cycle
In this section, the group distinguishes between their "junkie mind" and their "spiritual mind." They realize the importance of intercepting the negative "junkie mind" to avoid relapse. Larsen reminds the group that they can choose which mind drives the car of their reality. Reframing is explored in this section, as the group shares their experiences of intercepting the "junkie mind" and using their "spiritual mind" to put things into perspective. The men tell of the positive impact of introducing new truths to replace old lies in their way of thinking.

Chapter 4: The Face Behind the Mask
The group discovers the hidden pains from childhood that must be dealt with in order to prevent relapse. Larsen teaches that trauma in early childhood will cause them to view the rest of their lives from a wounded child's perspective, unless the pain is dealt with. The group shares early trauma such as parental neglect, things cherished being taken away from them, and experiences with bullies, and discusses how these traumas have shaped their world ever since then.


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