Babies Can't Say 'NO': Substance Abuse During Pregnancy


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Running Time: 23 minutes

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Babies Can't Say 'NO': Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Regular Price: $199.00

Special Price $149.00



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    Any substance that a pregnant woman ingests - whether healthful or toxic - immediately crosses through the placenta to her developing baby.

    This program shows how an expecting mother's use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs may severely harm the fetus, causing miscarriage or premature birth. It explains that an infant who does survive an alcohol-soaked pregnancy is often born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a group of serious physical and neurological birth defects - and the most common cause of mental retardation.

    The birth mother and the adoptive mother of a child with FAS present their real-life experience of heartbreaks and small victories, while an FAS-trained pediatrician and an educator describe the medical and developmental struggles of children with FAS and other drug-induced birth defects.

    Their stories deliver a potent preventive message, and will serve as a strong intervention tool for use with students, patients, prospective parents, and pregnant women and their partners.

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