Driving under the influence (DUI) is the crime or offense of driving, operating, or being in control of a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs (including recreational drugs and those prescribed by physicians), to a level that renders the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely. The criminal offense may not involve actual driving of the vehicle, but rather may broadly include being physically "in control" of a car while intoxicated, even if the person charged is not in the act of driving. Driving under the influence is one of the largest risk factors that contribute to traffic collisions, and people struggling with alcohol or drug abuse should seek treatment before accidentally harming someone by being behind the wheel.

Is your DUI treatment program looking for educational videos or resources on DUIs? FMS Productions has a great selection of DUI educational videos from famous DUI speakers all around the country. On top of our great selection of DUI DVDs, we also have download and streaming DUI resources to choose from. If you have additional questions about your DUI treatment program, please give FMS Productions a call today at (800) 421-4609.

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  1. Drunk Driving Kills
    Drunk Driving Kills
    This film features several people arrested for DUI and the impact it has made on their lives Learn More
  2. Angela Barber Story
    Angela Barber Story
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $299.00
    Drunk driving victim, Angela Barber tells her story. Learn More
  3. Roller Coaster of Addiction
    Roller Coaster of Addiction
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $299.00
    This film features 10 recovering alcoholics & addicts. Four of them have had DUI's, some with multiple DUI's for alcohol, Vicodin, Meth and Marijuana. Learn More
  4. Choices
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $299.00

    The compelling story of how one mans Choice to drink and drive affected 3 families.

    Learn More
  5. DUI Driving Under the Influence
    DUI Driving Under the Influence
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $299.00
    Released 2014 Learn More
  6. Alcohol, Drugs & the Brain - Dr. Carlton Erickson - 0150DVD
    Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain
    Special Price $299.00 Regular Price $399.00

    Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain is a complete overview of how alcohol and drugs affect the brain by University of Texas professor of pharmacology, Dr. Carlton Erickson. The difference between drug and alcohol abuse and dependence is explained, who is at risk, and how to get help. This title is a MUST HAVE for all treatment education and DUI programs.

    Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation contracts please call for details. (800) 421-4609

    Learn More
  7. Under the Influence II
    Under the Influence II
    Special Price $249.00 Regular Price $349.00
    This film shows that safe driving is significantly impaired even at .05 blood-alcohol-content and most definitely at .10. Made in cooperation with the California Highway Patrol. Learn More
  8. El Carro Nuevo
    El Carro Nuevo
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $250.00

    The story of a young Hispanic man arrested for drunk driving and how it affected his work and family life.

    Available only in Spanish

    Learn More
  9. Friday Night: Five
    Friday Night: Five
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $199.00
    It's Friday night and five ordinary people are combining two of America's favorite pastimes: drinking and driving. Learn More
  10. DUI: The Hard Truth
    DUI: The Hard Truth
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $249.00
    Dramatic video reenactments hammer home the indisputable truth that driving while drunk or impaired results in unforgettable pain, suffering, and death. Learn More
  11. Graduation Day
    Graduation Day
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $199.00
    This dramatization-made up almost entirely of true-to-life home video footage-unfolds slowly, creating a sense of impending disaster that builds until the devastating climax. Over the course of the program, host Dan Rather interviews the survivors and spells out the effects of alcohol on the body. Learn More
  12. Confronting Drunk Driving
    Confronting Drunk Driving
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $249.00
    Confronting Drunk Driving features the true story of Mike Poverno, a young man who killed his two best friends in a drunk driving car accident when he was a teenager Learn More
  13. Fatal Decision
    Fatal Decision
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $199.00
    A true story of what happened when Bob, an average man, drank a few beers at a party and decided to drive home. Learn More
  14. Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $199.00
    Crash survivors, victims, families and friends express their pain and regret while attorneys and law enforcement officers discuss legal aspects of alcohol-related crashes. Learn More
  15. Steer Clear DWI
    Steer Clear DWI
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $249.00
    Dr.Ohlms explains how and why even small amounts of alcohol can impair driving skills significantly. He also addresses the effects of stimulant drugs on a driver's judgement. Learn More
  16. Driving Drunk, Driving High
    Driving Drunk, Driving High
    Special Price $224.00 Regular Price $299.00
    Through open and candid interviews, victims talk about how a drunk driver made the choice to get behind the wheel of an automobile and how that choice impacted their life. Learn More
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