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  1. Your Body

    Your Body and Your Health

    This film covers STD’s, including Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, TB, smoking, accidents and other topics that result from alcohol and drug abuse. Texas Department of State Health Services contracts, please call for details.

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  2. The Truth About AD/HD

    The Truth About AD/HD

    Wendy Richardson addresses many of the myths surrounding AD/HD and outlines its characteristics and common symptoms. Learn More

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  3. PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    This program expands awareness and knowledge of the disorder and explores the latest treatment options available. Learn More

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  4. Promise of Recovery Series

    Promise of Recovery Series

    This video series is a unique and comprehensive tool for professionals to help clients and their families to first understand their illness and then, to learn how to implement a successful recovery plan Learn More

  5. Dual Diagnosis Series

    Dual Diagnosis Series

    This four video, nine segment training program is a must for all psychiatric and alcohol/drug treatment staff.

    Earn Continuing Education Units on courses authored by Dr. Nuckols at WWW.CEUMATRIX.COM.


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  6. Double Trouble Series

    Double Trouble Series

    Recovery issues and positive coping strategies are discussed in a series of vignettes which dramatize the problems found with dual disorders. Learn More

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  7. Co-Occurring Disorders: Mental Health & Drugs

    Co-Occurring Disorders: Mental Health & Drugs

    This dvd emphasizes not only the difficulties of treating co-occurring disorders but also show how clients can function in society and gain hope through effective treatment. Learn More

    Regular Price: $249.00

  8. AD/HD and Addiction

    AD/HD and Addiction

    AD/HD could be fueling your addiction. Even more serious, undiagnosed or untreated AD/HD might be undermining your recovery efforts. Learn More

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