Michael Johnson

Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson is a certified addiction therapist from Detroit, who has worked in the substance abuse field for more than twenty years. He is also a recovering addict. He is currently the RSAT Program Director for Western Michigan University in Jackson, Michigan. He is also the founder of Justice/Quade Recovery Institute and Director of Metropolitan Counseling Centers in Detroit.

Michael works most effectively with urban populations and clients referred to as "resistant." He also speaks cogently from an Afro-Centric perspective with regard to cross-cultural issues that often impact recovery. His outpatient counseling center specializes in addiction treatment and lifestyle challenges for offenders returning back into the comunity. Below is a list of his films available through FMS.

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  1. Set Up for Relapse

    Set Up for Relapse

    This open, in your face presentation addresses numerous pitfalls associated with relapse. Learn More

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  2. Process of Recovery

    Process of Recovery

    Johnson leads the viewer through the process of reflecting upon their life, and the consequences of their behavior. Learn More

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  3. Re-Entry Trap

    Re-Entry Trap

    With a group of residents at Crossroads Adult Transition Center in Chicago, Illinois, Michael addresses successful strategies for re-entry back into the community. Learn More

  4. Assignment: Re-Entry

    Assignment: Re-Entry

    Michael discusses in great detail the importance of setting all sorts of goals, and having a definite plan and direction for re-entry. Learn More

  5. Pathway to Change

    Pathway to Change

    Michael Johnson clearly explains how a person can limit or eliminate negative consequences and begin to have a realistic perception about the people or things in their life. Learn More

  6. Therapy Games

    Therapy Games

    Michael Johnson talks to the group about the various games they play in therapy. Learn More

  7. Challenging the Lifestyle

    Challenging the Lifestyle

    Throughout this video, Michael Johnson challenges the lifestyle of alcohol, drugs, and criminal activity and provides the viewer with strategies for successful re-entry back into the community. Learn More

  8. How You Got Here

    How You Got Here

    "Reflections of a Lost Childhood"

    Learn More

  9. Making the Right Choices

    Making the Right Choices

    Michael Johnson addresses the struggles many offenders face when returning to their old neighborhood and friends. Learn More

  10. Evolution of Madness

    Evolution of Madness

    This two-part training video is designed for the therapeutic staff working with today's addicted population. Learn More

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