Dwight Bradford

Dwight BradfordDwight Bradford is currently the Director of Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment (ASAT) Programs for the New York State Department of Correctional Services in Albany. Bradford brings years of experience and insight to this position. After serving in the military during the Vietnam era, he returned home home to begin another battle, this time fighting alcohol and drug addiction in the inner-cities of upstate New York. He is credited with setting up the first Adult Children of Alcoholism Treatment Program in Rochester NY.

When Bradford took a position with the New York Department of Corrections in 1988, his first assignment was Albion Correctional Facility where he developed a highly successful community Work Release Treatment Program for female inmates. His research, which focused on patterns of relapse in females, lead him to develop a unique Relapse Program for female inmates.

While serving as the Assistant Deputy Superintendent for Programs at Chateaugay Alcohol Substance Abuse Correctional Treatment Center, he developed a specialized pre-release program focusing on preparing inmates to return to their families and communities as productive citizens. With this experience and more, he is featured in two programs available through FMS

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  1. Turning Negatives into Positives

    Turning Negatives into Positives

    Interviews and testimonials from inmates, ex-inmates and addicts reveal how they have transformed a negative consequence of incarceration into a positive result. Learn More

  2. Dysfunctional Families

    Dysfunctional Families

    With a group of female inmates, Dwight Bradford discusses dysfunctional behaviors and the impact of addiction on families. Learn More

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  3. Relationships, with Dwight Bradford

    Relationships, with Dwight Bradford

    Dwight Bradford, who has worked with addicts in the correctional setting, takes us step by step through the evolution of relationships. Learn More

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  4. Relationships:  Breaking the Cycle

    Relationships: Breaking the Cycle

    This video will not teach you things to do to make him or her admire you. Instead it is about learning to change and to make responsible and healthy choices in relationships. Learn More

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  5. When I Was Nine:  Silent Victims of Sexual Abuse

    When I Was Nine: Silent Victims of Sexual Abuse

    Dwight Bradford addresses childhood sexual abuse and victimization. Learn More

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