William M. Loving, MD

Dr. Loving graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas in 1974 and after psychiatric residency, went into the practice of neuropsychiatry. After five years of practice, he joined Neuropsychiatric Associates of Austin led by Dr. Stuart Nemir. Dr. Nemir started the first private 28 day program for drug and alcohol treatment in Austin, Texas and later started the first intensive outpatient program that was one of the first in the country. Dr. Nemir recruited Dr. Loving to help in his programs and soon Dr. Loving became the medical director of both. This began his interest in chemical dependency and the treatment of alcoholics and addicts. He worked closely with Dr. Nemir and Ulysses "Mac" McLester, who was also a well know expert in chemical depenency. Dr. Loving is board certified in psychiatry (since1980) and board certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (since1989).

For 20 years Dr. Loving has treated not only psychiatric patients, and chemically dependent patients, but also people with both psychiatric illness and alcoholism/addiction know as co-occuring disorder. He became Medical Director of Texas Star Recovery in January 2007 and is enthusiastice about being able to devote his full energy to the treatment of chemicaly dependent and co-occuring disorder people.

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