Delbert Boone

Delbert Boone is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on addiction and criminal behavior, and other social ramifications associated with addicted individuals, an identity established through his ability to consistently help drug offenders and addiction professionals understand the parallels between addiction and criminal behavior.

Over the past 30 years Delbert Boone has worked with addicts from all walks of life and by relating his own struggles with addiction to alcohol, heroin and incarceration, he has given hope where there previously was none. Boone has developed the tools to help individuals who are facing addiction to alcohol and other drugs, incarceration, depression, frustration, and loneliness.

Boone’s primary work is through his own consulting and training firm NND Productions, in which he consults with both local and federal correctional systems, as well as school districts and law enforcement officials nationwide to deliver quality and effective substance abuse treatment programs, services and training.

Delbert Boone is an award winning film presenter for FMS, Productions, Inc. Since 1995, he has been honored with nine International Telly Awards and recognized for outstanding contributions at four American Corrections Association Film Festivals for his video/DVD programs. Boone is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Psychotherapist, American Institute of Clinical Psychotherapists and received his BS degree from the Central Michigan University

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  1. Twelve Steps with Delbert Boone

    Twelve Steps with Delbert Boone

    Delbert Boone explores the road to recovery through the use of the Twelve Steps. He addresses how most alcoholics and addicts want to make sobriety an event, when in fact it is a process, and he explains how each of the Twelve Steps is an important part of the process. Learn More

    Regular Price: $599.00

  2. Straight Talk:  Heroin & Opiates

    Straight Talk: Heroin & Opiates

    Two award winning presenters have joined forces in Straight Talk, Heroin and Opiates. David Ohlms, M.D. and Delbert Boone, both icons in the field of addiction and recovery offer a comprehensive look at the growing problem of heroin and opiate addiction. Learn More

    Regular Price: $349.00

  3. Hip Hop Generation Series

    Hip Hop Generation Series

    A 2 disc series, Delbert Boone explains the evolution of the Hip Hop Generation and addresses the influencing factors of the often controversial group of young people. Learn More

    Regular Price: $449.00

  4. Goin' Home To Stay, The Series

    Goin' Home To Stay, The Series

    This award winning video was filmed at Big Muddy River Correctional Center in Illinois with Delbert Boone. Learn More

    Regular Price: $249.00

  5. Goin' Home: The Series

    Goin' Home: The Series

    This six-part series will guide offenders through the process of taking an honest look at their life, the choices they have made, where their choices have taken them. Learn More

  6. Predator The Master of Illusion

    Predator The Master of Illusion

    In this DVD from Delbert Boone, viewers will discover a Brand New perspective on addiction and sobriety. Learn More

    Regular Price: $299.00

  7. The Sober Life Treatment Series

    The Sober Life Treatment Series

    A Three Part Series featuring Delbert Boone Learn More

    Regular Price: $749.00

  8. Marijuana with Delbert Boone

    Marijuana with Delbert Boone

    Boone dispels the popular theory that "marijuana doesn't do anything." Learn More

  9. Alibi vs. Denial

    Alibi vs. Denial

    Delbert Boone explores denial and discusses how many healthcare professionals often say that addicts are in "denial." Learn More

  10. Addiction 101

    Addiction 101

    In this video, teens share how peer acceptance, coupled with curiosity about drugs has resulted in troubling effects in their school and home life. Learn More

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  11. Resistance and Recovery

    Resistance and Recovery

    Delbert Boone outlines how addiction affects the addict's life and creates a barrier of resistance to treatment. Learn More

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    Special Price $249.00

  12. The Rules of Recovery

    The Rules of Recovery

    Delbert Boone emphasizes the importance of getting dry so that one can begin to realize what addiction has taken from their life. Learn More

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    Special Price $249.00

  13. Sobriety: Straight Up!

    Sobriety: Straight Up!

    Delbert Boone emphasizes that not everything that has happened in an addict's life is bad. Learn More

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  14. Psychology of Addiction

    Psychology of Addiction

    Delbert Boone tells inmates at Albion Correctional Facility, "As you feed an addiction it grows, as it grows, it dictates all terms of your life, and it never goes away." Learn More

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  15. March Towards Sobriety

    March Towards Sobriety

    Delbert Boone explains why "recovery is a process, not an event." Learn More

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  16. Chasing The Dragon

    Chasing The Dragon

    Filmed at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York with interviews and testimonials from recovering addicts. Learn More

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  17. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    Delbert Boone discusses Dr. Abraham Maslow's theory that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs. Learn More

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  18. War on Addiction: The Battle of Relapse

    War on Addiction: The Battle of Relapse

    Father Joseph Martin comes together with Delbert Boone in this excellent film. Learn More

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  19. Re-Engaging into Society

    Re-Engaging into Society

    Delbert Boone details a plan for successfully re-engaging back into society. Learn More

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