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Stanton Samenow Videos at FMS

  • Patient to Pupil, Thomas Henderson, I Am You

    Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, former NFL star for the Dallas Cowboys, and a convicted felon, like you have never seen him before.

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  • Pleasure Scale, Craving Identification & Managment

    This engrossing, two part DVD was recorded from a training session that Dr. Stalcup conducted with at-risk youth at the Butte County Public Health Facility.

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  • Trilogy of Recovery Series

    The three films - two comedies and a Twilight Zone-like thriller - portray behaviors common among people with chemical dependency and other addictive disorders. All employ studio-quality film making and feature nationally known actors viewers will recognize.... More Info →
  • Bed Ridden

    It's not the journey, it's the desperation.
    The first film in the Trilogy of Recovery Series, Bed Ridden offers counselors, facilitators and therapists the powerful medium of entertainment education, a leading-edge... More Info →

  • Men in a Box

    A Twilight Zone-like thriller that asks "why do people with addictive disorders continue to return to the very substance or behavior that is destroying their lives?"

    The second film in the Trilogy of Recovery Series offers counselors,... More Info →

  • Plan B

    A comedic drama that exemplifies when you stop giving directions, you might actually find some.

    The third film in the Trilogy of Recovery Series offers counselors, facilitators and therapists the powerful medium of entertainment education,... More Info →

  • Twelve Steps with Delbert Boone

    Delbert Boone explores the road to recovery through the use of the Twelve Steps. He addresses how most alcoholics and addicts want to make sobriety an event, when in fact it is a process, and he explains how each of the Twelve Steps is an important part of... More Info →
  • Testimonial

    Kimberly Palmer Supervision Officer Supervisor
    Community Correctional Facility
    McKinney, Texas

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  • Resources for Change Series: A Complete Re-Entry Program

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    Brought to you by FMS and the producers of Stanton Samenow's Commitment to Change Series, an in-depth... More Info →

  • From Prison to Paradise, R.E.A.D. to Succeed

    Rodney White explains how he used his R.E.A.D. to Succeed motivational program to create a successful and fulling life after prison.... More Info →
  • Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain

    A complete overview of how alcohol and drugs affect the brain by University of Texas professor of pharmacology, Dr. Carlton Erickson. The difference between abuse and dependence is explained, who is at risk, and how to get help. This title is a MUST HAVE... More Info →

  • Anger: Creating New Choices Series

    In this powerful program, ex-offenders and people in recovery look at the cost of anger and aggression in their own lives - and learn how to create new choices... More Info →
  • 25 Years Clean & Sober Featuring Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson

    Providing a remarkable opportunity to be a part of Thomas Henderson's intimate gathering of family, friends, former coaches and teammates, this film captures Thomas' 25th anniversary celebration of sobriety and freedom.... More Info →
  • Your Body and Your Health

    This film covers STD’s, including Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, TB, smoking, accidents and other topics that result from alcohol and drug abuse. Texas Department of State Health Services contracts, please call for... More Info →

  • Accepting Responsibility In a Finger-Pointing World Series

    Dr. Stanton Samenow, explores the concepts of justification thinking errors with a group of ex-offenders who are currently in recovery.... More Info →
  • Rage, Recidivism & Recovery

    A two part series featuring Danny Trejo.Three formerly violent, habitual offenders--one African-American, one Hispanic-American and one Anglo-- show us it is possible to "get out and stay out."... More Info →
  • Commitment to Change Series Volume I Overcoming Errors in Thinking

    Thinking errors are revealed in vivid and dramatic encounters between inmates.

    You can earn 4 hours of Continuing Education Units based on Dr. Samenow's series Commitment to Change, Overcoming Errors in Thinking at More Info →

  • Success Stories II Series

    How do you get out of prison - and not come back? These are the real stories of five men and two women who have learned the hard way; each has years of experience with the revolving door of addiction and crime. Each has learned what it takes to live clean and... More Info →
  • Meth and Violence

    According to Col. Alex Mahon of the Methamphetamine Task Force in Arizona, 90% of homicides are related to meth, either directly or indirectly.... More Info →
  • Commitment to Change Volume II Tactics: Habits that Block Change

    Correcting errors in thinking is basic. The other half is the BEHAVIOR that results from these thoughts.

    You can earn 4 hours of Continuing Education Units based on Dr. Samenow's series Commitment to Change Tactics: Habits that Block... More Info →

  • Better Way Series

    A Better Way is a video presentation hosted by the powerful Danny Trejo designed for first-time offenders, participants in institutional substance abuse programs, and anyone who wishes to live free... More Info →
  • Commitment to Change Volume III The Power of Consequences

    Volume III The Power of Consequences is a 3-part series, and is the last of 3 volumes in the entire Commitment to Change Series.

    You can earn 4 hours of Continuing Education Units based on Dr. Samenow's series Commitment to Change the Power of... More Info →

  • Fear... The Anger Trigger Series

    Anger is a destructive force. It impacts others...and ourselves. If we discover what fuels anger, we can learn non-destructive ways to express it, sparing ourselves and those we love the anguish of living with its wreckage. In this 3 part DVD series, we... More Info →
  • Second Half

    Thomas Henderson was the National Football League's first cocaine casualty. It cost him his career and, for a few years, his freedom. Clean and sober since 1983, he has a message for young and old: "Life can be better. It can be different. You don't have to... More Info →
  • Meth, Inside Out Series

    Meth, Inside Out, provides a solid understanding of the biological basis of addiction, effective tools for recovery, and, most importantly, hope for the future.... More Info →
  • Shame & Addiction

    Once shame is identified and addressed, the transfer from either alcohol, or drug dependency to other addictions, can be avoided.... More Info →
  • Alcohol, Drugs, Body & Mind The Medical Consequences

    Viewers come to a much fuller understanding of the medical consequences of alcohol and drug abuse at the end of this serious, yet lively, presentation featuring Dr. John Keppler.... More Info →
  • Surviving Recovery Series

    In this series, Damon Berryman brings together a dynamic group of men and women who have been in and out of jails, prisons and treatment centers, who are attempting to live a different way of life.... More Info →
  • Women: Free To Live Series

    This 2 part series is a warm, compelling tale of addiction; dignity lost and found through recovery.... More Info →
  • Promise of Recovery Series

    This video series is a unique and comprehensive tool for professionals to help clients and their families to first understand their illness and then, to learn how to implement a successful recovery plan... More Info →
  • My Spouse is Drinking and Using Drugs

    Five real people tell their stories of the struggle to try and change the alcoholic in their lives.

    A 2012 release.

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  • My Children Are Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

    Four parents talk about their struggle to help their child with their drug or alcohol addiction.

    A 2012 release.

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  • Under the Influence II

    This film shows that safe driving is significantly impaired even at .05 blood-alcohol-content and most definitely at .10. Made in cooperation with the California Highway Patrol.... More Info →
  • Understanding Addiction & Emotional Child Abuse

    Psychologist Oliver Tuthill takes the viewer inside the world of three recovering drug and alcohol abusers, as they discuss the emotional child abuse they experienced as children.... More Info →
  • Living Sober I Series

    The first of three volumes by acclaimed author Dennis Delay, a unique tool for treatment professionals to support their programs.... More Info →
  • Brother Earl's "Street Smart" Series Street Talk

    Approaching chemical dependency in a down-to-earth manner.... More Info →
  • Living Sober II Series

    The solution-based program has been created to maximize viewers' involvement to create their own strategies for coping and working a successful recovery; helping them make connections between what they think, how they feel and how they act.... More Info →
  • Living Sober Series III

    Designed for Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health programs, each edition is divided into clear segments with each segment focusing on one specific important recovery issue.... More Info →